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The EUROMAX International Pty Ltd is a leading global mineral supplier with its delivery network offices in Australia, USA and India.EUROMAX sources and supplies industrial grade minerals such as Garnet, Sillimanite, Illmenite, Barite and Bentonite to the world’s leading energy, steel, oil drilling, fertilizer and steel companies. EUROMAX is lead by an expert management team with cumulative work experience spanning over 30 years in mineral application, exploration and corporate development. EUROMAX is committed to sourcing minerals from eco-friendly and premium mining areas in India. All EUROMAX products are consistent in quality and grade. Over the years, EUROMAX has built up a strong value supply network and distribution chain as well as a vast client network around the globe. EUROMAX has developed its own industrial -grade Garnet Supermax ™ Garnet and PS Ball (Ecomax TM) abrasives, thus becoming the leading presence in minerals sourcing and distribution segment. EUROMAX has plans to open upgraded warehouse and storage facilities in various countries to maximize operating efficiencies and reduce delivery times.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue as a leading presence in the global mineral source and supply segment. We will continue to supply eco-friendly industrial-grade minerals (mined with a respect for the environment) to our customers. We will continue to evolve our business processes for increasing financial strength and profitability.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To achieve highest quality standards, propagate an environmental consciousness and offer excellent customer service.


  • Expertise and Experience Our industrial expertise & experience is the soul of our business. We believe talented workforce and distribution network drives our success.
  • 100% Customer Centric We are a 100% customer-centric company. From mining zones to the customer’s doorstep, we strive to deliver quality products at competitive prices and within the promised delivery time.
  • Environment Friendly Practices The EUROMAX Group has always taken care to minimize its ecological carbon footprint by adopting environment -friendly business practices. We have always taken care to associate with suppliers who follow environment-friendly mining and processing process.
  • Committed to Quality - EUROMAX TM Products EUROMAX emphasizes on quality and highest standards of blasting grades for its sourced & patented products. EUROMAX’s high quality, sand blasting, abrasives Supermax ™ Garnet and EcoMax TM (PS Balls) were developed after years of extensive research and detailed evaluations & analyses by industrial experts.
  • Dexterity We believe our success lies in our ability to find opportunities, maximize our industrial outreach, believe in our instincts and act on them.

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