Euromax is one of the specialized suppliers of Barite powder. Barite or Baryte is the sulphate mineral of barium, BaSO4, which is used in various industrial applications such as plastic, painting and rubber industry. Baryte powder is found in granular form, tabular crystals or in massive form and has high specific gravity. Euromax supplied non-toxic barite powder remains insoluble in all the usual chemical reagents in ordinary conditions and is resistive to acid. Barite is a mineral valued for its natural properties.


Euromax offers quality-tested Barite powder sourced from Southern parts of India. The Barite has got a soft texture and occurs in various colors such as white, yellow, brown, red and gray. The varied colors are due to result of impurities and mineral contaminants. Our Baryte is free from any kind of contaminants and has got a high market demand. We source finest quality, soft textured white Barite from reputed manufacturers in South India.

Industrial Applications of Barite

  • Oil Drilling:Grinded and pulverized barite is used in various industrial applications. Most of the barites produced in the world are used in oil drilling for: stabilising the borehole, control formation pressure and increase drilling fluid density with minimum solids. Barite is also used as a weighting additive in oil drilling and gas exploration.
  • Fillers:Baryte is widely used in production of paints to control its viscosity, brightness and stability.
  • Barite is used as filler in leather, rubber, paint paper and textile goods.
  • Barium meal material is used for measuring intestinal and stomach reflection and also as plaster filler and dope.
  • In plastic industry, barite is used as a filler of plastic ABS to brighten its colour, improve its durability, intensity and abrasive resistivity.
  • In rubber industry, barium fillers are used to enhance the properties of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. When added to the product, barium can enhance the intensity and make it water proof as well.
  • High-quality barite powder improves brightness and whiteness of coat paper and white paperboard.
  • Barite powder is becoming a substitute for titanium dioxide, for its non-toxic nature, whiteness and gentleness.
  • Euromax clients can avail the best quality Baryte in various packaging weights and at best market prices.

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