Bentonite is a colloidal clay material enriched with mineral montmorillonite and largely found in volcanic or sedimentary deposits. Bentonite clay is often referred as the “Miracle Clay” due to its versatile applications and properties such as swelling, hydration, viscosity, water absorption and thixtotrophy. Bentonite has got strong colloidal properties and its volume swells when it is mixed with water, producing a viscous fluid.


Euromax is one of the top suppliers of Bentonite around the globe. We source high quality sodium and calcium bentonite from reputed mines around India. The sodium Bentonite is valued for its high swelling and thermal durability, whereas calcium Bentonite is the less swelling variety and more commonly available. At Euromax, we deliver Bentonite to wide range of industries from drilling to construction, metal casting, iron ore pelletision as well as other value added services such as detergents, paper, paints, catalysts, feed stuff, animal litter, spa mud therapy, etc.

Industrial Applications of Bentonite

Foundries and Pelletisation

Bentonite is used in foundries for producing molding sand, largely used for manufacturing steel, iron and non-ferrous castings. The bentonite-bonded sands have excellent flowability, thermal stability and they peel off easily from the castings. Bentonite is used as a binding agent in iron ore pellets, which is used as a feed material in furnaces producing pig iron or direct reduction iron (DRI).

Civil Engineering

Bentonite is used as a thixotropic and lubricating agent in civil engineering applications such as foundations, diaphragm walls, tunnelling and pipe jacking as well as horizontal directional drilling. Bentonite is also used in the production of mortars, mixing components and Portland cement as well.

Wastewater Purification and Environmental Activities

Bentonite is used for wastewater purification due to its absorption properties. Bentonite is used as a sealing component in landfills to avoid contamination of ground water. Bentonite is also used in geosynthetic clay liners as an active protective layer.


Bentonite is used in various applications of water and oil well drilling. Bentonite is widely used as a lubricant in cutting head, sealant in borehole walls and removing drill cuttings.

Animal Litter and Animal Feed Pellets

Bentonite is used in the production of animal litter because it absorbs refuse by forming clumps, which can be easily removed. Bentonite is also chief ingredient used in the production of animal feed pellets and unconsolidated feed ingredients such as soy meals.

Gardening and Agricultural Purposes

Bentonite is used as a soil wetter and well regarded for its ability of water retention. Bentonite is used in sandy agricultural areas as ion exchanger to improve quality and condition of the soil. Thermally treated bentonite is used as a ceramic carrier for various pesticides and herbicides.

Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals

Bentonite is used in various pharmaceutical preparations such as calamine lotions, protective creams, and anti-irritants for eczema. Bentonite is also used in various cosmetics and personal care products such as face powders, sunburn paints, mud packs and face creams.

Detergents and Paints

Bentonite is widely used in liquid hand cleansers and detergents due to its cleaning properties. Bentonite possesses adsorption properties and along with organoclays is used as a thickener and suspension agent in water solvent paints, varnishes and dyes.


Bentonite is used in paper making and paper recycling industries. Bentonite is used as an absorbent in paper making machines and contributes to overall production quality. Acidic bentonite is used for manufacturing carbonless copy paper.

Food Industry

Bentonite is used as a purifier in edible oils and fats (canola/soya/palm oil) and as a clarification agent in various food items such as sugar, honey, wine, mineral water and beer.


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