Garnet – Supermax

Garnet – Supermax

Supermax ™ Garnet is a semi-precious mineral extracted from naturally occuring Andradite and Almandine mineral deposits. The garnet from almandine ores is harder and heavier than their Andradite counterparts, also they find purpose as abrasive in a variety of industrial applications. Garnet scores 7 to 8 on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness.


Almandine garnet grains are used as natural blasting agents and they are gradually replacing other blasting media in industrial applications. The Almandine garnet is valued for its uniform physical and chemical texture, which ensures high performance and makes them ideal for the blasting operations in various industrial niches. Supermax ™ Garnet will allow you to cut down your ecological carbon footprint because they are environmental friendly and resuable, thereby eliminating the potential health risks associated with other regular blasting abrasives such as silica sand.


At Euromax, we offer Supermax ™ Garnet mined from best Almandine mineral deposits around the coastal areas of South India.


Supermax ™ Garnet is available in a variety of abrasive grades to suit most industrial applications.

D+ Garnet Grade
D+ garnet grade is the mixture of all garnet grades and used in a variety of sandblasting applications and other industrial applications.


Products Available Grades
Garnet - Supermax 30/60 20/40 50/80 80 120

Resilence and Recyclability
Garnet can be recycled and resued number of times, depending on their grain size ( coarse grade garnet can be recycled couple of times) without losing their cutting ability and performance.


Eco Friendly

Supermax Garnet abrasives are eco-friendly, non toxic and safe, so there is no risk from radioactive subastances or heavy minerals. This is why Supermax ™ Garnet is employed at various blast structures near to the water bodies or other sensitive areas, where contamination is a big concern.


Low Dusting and Low Silica Levels

Supermax ™ Garnet has low dusting emissions and low silica levels (< 1%). This minimum danger and disruption helps operator to see clearly.


High Productivity and Versatility
The perfect grain shape of garnet grains makes cutting lot easier and they impact the surface reducing the consumption. Supermax ™ Garnet is used in coating prep use because it creates a profile that is free from embedment, troughs and peak.

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