Ilmenite (FeTiO3) is a magnetic iron-oxide - titanium mineral used as a blasting medium and furnace liner in the steel industry. Ilemnite is differentiated with dark gray or black colour and is processed in various stages to produce white Titanium Dioxide. Ilemnite possess hexagonal crystal structure, a metallic texture and weakly magnetic property.


Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is non-toxic pigment with opacity or high refractive index, chemical inertness and high thermal stability. Ilemnite crystal structure resembles hematite with the difference of one atom (Fe in hematite and titanium in Ilemnite).Titanium dioxide is becoming substitute for lead carbonate pigment in many applications. White titanium dioxide is a non-toxic white powder added to cosmetics such as toothpaste, creams and sunscreen as well as food items such as sweets, flour and icing sugar to improve their brightness.


Chemical Analysis
Parameter Guaranteed (%) Typical (%)
TiO2 50.00 Min 50.0
SiO2   0.40-0.60
Al2O3   0.50-1.00
FeO   33-35
Calc. Fe2O3   12.0-14.0
P2O5   0.01 Max
ZrO2   0.01-0.05
V2O5   0.10-0.25
Cr2O3   0.02-0.07
CaO   01-0.3
MgO   0.5-0.8
U+Th   30 ppm Max

ND : Not Detected, DL: Detection Limit

Size Analysis
Mesh (US) Typical (%)
+50                0-2
+60                1-5
+70                5-10
+80                10-15
+100                15-25
+120                15-25
+140                10-15
+170                 5-10
+200                 5-10
-200                 1-5

NOTE: Ilmenite is a natural product and as such slight variations in chemical analysis and size distribution should be expected. Special contracts covering guarantees other than those specified can be negotiated.

Ilemnite is processed into synthetic rutile, which is further processed to make white titanium dioxide. Synthetic rutile is anticorrosive and used in aerospace industry, corrosive chemical plants, desalination plants and more. Titanium metal is versatile, non-reactive and is preferred for jewellery, advanced engineering applications and sports equipment production. Titanium is also used in pacemakers and hip makers used in the human body.


At Euromax, we supply high quality Ilemnite for fabrics, paints, paper, sunscreen, cosmetics and plastic industries.

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