PS Balls - Eco Max

PS Balls - Eco Max

Euromax is a supplier of specialized blast abrasive PS Balls – EcoMax (Precious Slag Ball), which is produced by cooling molten steel slag. PS Balls are versatile products with stable spinel molecular structure, which are well-suited for a variety of industrial applications. Our PS Balls are used in surface preparation of steel prior to applying paint coatings.


PS Ball is non-toxic and contains no free silica. Our PS Balls comply with various environmental and industrial regulations set around the world, so we supply to various parts of globe. PS Balls are used as a substitute for sand, garnet and copper slag in various industrial applications. PS Balls possess high compressive strength, anti-weathering properties, low dusting, reusability (1~3 times), specific gravity (3.45) and hardness (Moh’s score 7 ~8) in comparison to copper or sand slag.


Sieve Size (mm) Retained(%) Passing(%)
1.01 0 100.0
0.97 0.2 98.8
0.82 2.0 20-22
0.62 13.0 83.8
0.55 28.2 55.6
0.45 30.0 25.6
0.31 24.4 1.2
0.18 1.0 0.2
0.09 0.2 0
PAN 0 0
HARDNESS: In accordance with ISO-11127-4, results were found as follows: (Moh Scale) Typical Result 6-8 MoH 7-8 Moh
Analysis: Results
SiO2   12.9%
Al2O3   6.52%
Ca0   28.2%
Mgo   4.76%
Fe   28.1%
MnO   5.97%
Cr2O3   1.09%
S   0.04%
TiO2   0.53%
P2O5   0.28%
Conductivity:In accordance with ISO 11127-6:Results 12mS/m

Industrial Applications of Ecomax TM PS Balls

  • Ecomax TM PS Balls are used as a copper slag or garnet substitute and abrasive blasting material.
  • Ecomax TM PS Balls are used as casting sand in the production of casting on nonferrous metals.
  • PS Balls are used as a filtering agent in industrial waste water recycling plants.
  • PS Balls are coherent with concrete or asphalt and used as reinforcement, non-slip and repair material on roads. PS Balls are also used in the production of concrete secondary products and pavements on asphalt and concrete roads.
  • Ecomax TM PS balls are used as permeable material in waste management (garbage or food) plants.
  • PS Balls are heavier than sand and used for strengthening riverside or seashore areas. PS balls are used as a sand substitute for water pumping.
  • PS Balls are used in ship repair industries and oil refineries for blasting purposes.
  • PS Balls are also used in the production of roofing granules and weighting agent.

Ecomax TM PS Balls Benefits

  • Ecomax TM PS balls have low levels of contaminants such as arsenic and asbestos, which makes it lessrisky for environment and operators in ship repair industries and oil refineries.
  • Ecomax TM PS balls produce low dusting than garnet and copper slag in normal conditions.
  • Ecomax TM PS balls have low environmental impact during use, storage and disposal.
  • Our PS balls possess high strength, low abrasive rate, low friability and high density.
  • Ecomax TM PS balls possess high coefficient of friction and used as anti-slippery agent on concrete roads.

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